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Girls Lacrosse Equipment



For those needing to purchase equipment for the first time, your girl will need a stick, goggles and a mouth guard.  Cleats are great on grass, but, not required.  Beginning players need not go crazy with regard to price or the amount of gear they have in their first season.  Keep your initial stick purchase simple/reasonable and find out if this is a pursuit your girl will be staying with.  Then you can invest in more technical gear that will become her tools of the trade.  Following are some examples that you could use as a basis for your initial investments.


With just about every communication from your coaches you will see the following blurb as a reminder:

What She Will Need:




*Water at every game - she can never drink enough water!

*Athletic Shoes or Cleats

*An open mind/good attitude/sense of humor




Stores that carry lacrosse equipment for girls:

*Dick's Sporting Goods:  The Dulles Town Center location has the best selection of girls gear of all Dick's locations in the area.

*LaxWorld:  The Gainesville location is relatively close and does a great job stringing sticks, as well.

*Total Hockey/Total Lacrosse:  Located in Sterling/Ashburn on Rte. 7, they have a decent selection of girls gear.

*Lacrosse Unlimited:  The Vienna location is the closest and they're awesome.



As of 01/06/2016 - when you're considering a beginner stick you could look at something like the deBeer Impuls Pro 2.0 or the Brine Mantra Rise. Both of these sticks will get a young player through her first 2 seasons with no issues.


*STICKS:  http://www.longstreth.com/Complete-Sticks/products/1388/0/1/



For goggles, it's a question of personal preference and fit. We have players who have worn the Cascade Mini-Pro for 3 years and loved them. Now as a 8th graders they wear the STX 4sight Form model - based on comfort and visibility. Lots of kids use the Cascade PolyPro, as well.  It really is personal preference as to what fits their facial structure best.  There are also plenty of options for kids who wear glasses. A company called "Bangerz" makes a variety of products that fit over top of regular glasses at a fraction of the cost of a prescription rec-spec. A great source online for goggles is Longstreth. Their link follows


*GOGGLES:  http://www.longstreth.com/Goggles/products/1379/




Mouth-guards are also a personal preference.  If you daughter wears braces, you can likely get a free mouth guard from your orthodontist.




If you have questions or concerns please contact:

-Dulles South Lacrosse Girls Commissioner: Doug Firestone   
-Dulles South Lacrosse Girls Assistant Commissioner: Kere Knapp 
-Dulles South Lacrosse Board President Greg Rominski: 

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